• GitHub Announces New Features to Make Code Review Faster and More Flexible
    [March 21, 2016] GitHub announced the addition of new features to make code review faster and more flexible. These include ways to find what you’re looking for more quickly, the ability to view comments with more context, and the ability to pick up where you left off. “Pull requests with many changes sometimes require review from several people […]
  • Parse Server Push Notifications Enabled by Facebook
    [February 16, 2016] Late last month, Facebook announced that it is shutting down Parse. They’ve since talked about hosting it on AWS and Heroku. Facebook announced last week that the Parse Server (the open source Parse backend) now allows iOS and Android push notifications, which have been one of the most requested features by developers. “After setup, you’ll […]
  • Developing peace of mind with WordPress plugins
    [January 13, 2016] Whenever a new release of the WordPress content management system comes out, I’m usually on it immediately, updating all my sites running WordPress to that latest version. But not this time. Not yet. Version 4.4 of WordPress was released on December 8, but I’m still on WordPress 4.3.1, the immediately preceding version. The reason? It’s […]
  • Don’t Let Bad Code Break Your Site’s Performance
    [November 16, 2015] Most of the time web designers and developers are focused on the look of a site but less on the coding. However the coding can make or break a site’s performance in the search engines. For the most part, browsers and search engines are very forgiving of poor code, but sometimes what might amount to a small […]
  • Slack Expands As A Platform
    [November 13, 2015] Slack recently launched the Add to Slack Button enabling users to get alerts, reminders, and notifications in Slack from apps and sites that use the button. According to the company, this was just the first step in improving the Slack Platform. Enter new functionality for Slash Commands. These use the same button and are just […]
  • Amazon’s New Self-Service Program Intends To Help Game Developers Sell T-Shirts
    [October 14, 2015] Amazon announced a new self-service program aimed at game developers to help them sell t-shirts. It’s called Merch by Amazon and encourages developers to “take their fans to the next level.” You design the shirts, and Amazon produces, sells, and ships them. It’s a print-on-demand service so shirts only get made when someone actually wants […]
  • Google Is Trying To Persuade Webmasters To Use Their Structured Markup
    [September 15, 2015] Historically, Google hasn’t counted structured markup as a ranking signal in search results. I’ve always found this somewhat surprising considering how actively they’ve encouraged webmasters to use it, but based on what the company has said on occasion, it has not been included in the over 200 signals. Now, Google is implying that this could […]
  • 35 Ways To Make Your Site Search Friendly Before You Hire An SEO
    [August 11, 2015] Website architecture has been a focus for SEOs for a long time now, but over the past few years, it’s become even more important. That’s because architecture is the foundation of the entire website. It affects both how visitors interact with your site and whether or not search engines are properly able to analyze your […]
  • App Annie Uses Google Analytics With Its In-App Analytics
    [July 14, 2015] App Annie, an app data service, which is in use by a reported 700,000 apps, just launched In-App Analytics in open beta with Google Analytics integration. The new offering can be used by developers to view usage metrics along with data from five major app stores and 34 ad platforms in one centralized dashboard.
  • Amazon Redshift Receives New Features
    [June 16, 2015] First unveiled in 2012, Amazon made petabyte-scale data warehouse service Amazon Redshift available to all Amazon Web Services customers in 2013. Last year, it got faster data nodes.
  • Google Brings App Deep Linking To iOS
    [May 29, 2015] Earlier, Google announced that it is finally expanding its app indexing efforts to iOS apps after only having offered it for Android until now.
  • Why I’ll Only Use Postmatic for WordPress Blog Comments
    [May 1, 2015] takes a lot for me to be completely won over by a new product out of the gate, never mind make me a staunch supporter of it from that very same gate. Usually, I’ll find a bunch of things I don’t like, and use that as an excuse to look for another solution, or one […]
  • Google Puts Importance On Efficient Forms For Mobile Users
    [March 31, 2015] Google has been making a lot of moves to get mobile users a better user experience. As you may know, the company recently announced a pair of ranking signals for this purpose. One that’s already in effect will return in-app results for signed-in users who have those apps installed on their devices. The other one, […]
  • Over 80% Eligible HTTPS URLs Not Being Displayed In Google Search Results!
    [March 13, 2015] Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, announced on Google+ that over 80% of the eligible HTTPS URLs are not being displayed in Google’s search results as HTTPS URLs, instead they are showing up as HTTP URLs simply because of webmaster configuration.
  • A Look Under the WordPress Hood
    [February 10, 2015] Every now and again, I’ll get asked what plugin or solution I’m using on this blog to achieve a certain effect or result. Because I use self-hosted WordPress to power this blog, it means there’s a crazy amount of add-ons, plugins and other optimization and performance solutions for bloggers to choose from.
  • Learn Mobile Optimization from Google Webmaster Team This Week!
    [January 9, 2015] The Google Webmaster team will be offering tips, advice, and optimization techniques on mobile design options. The announcement was made on Google+: “There are three common configurations of #mobilefriendly sites: Responsive web design, dynamic serving, and separate mobile URLs. Whichever configuration you choose is up to you – Google supports all three. We’ll go into […]
  • Learn How to Make a Mobile Friendly Site with the Webmaster Video!
    [December 22, 2014] The recent webmaster video from Google shares how Content Management Systems can help their users to develop more mobile friendly sites. Eric Kwan from the Webmaster relations team shared this amazing presentation.
  • Demos and Tools Site Comes To Google Analytics
    [November 25, 2014] Google launched a new site called Google Analytics Demos & Tools for developers. As you might have guessed, it includes tools and demos. It includes a full-featured Enhanced Ecommerce demo with code samples for Analytics and Tag Manager, as well as a new Account Explorer tool aimed at helping developers quickly find the IDs they […]
  • Fabric Dev Kits Revealed By Twitter
    [October 28, 2014] As expected, Twitter announced a new mobile platform for app developers called Fabric at its first-ever Flight conference. The company says it will make it easier for developers to build apps.
  • Developers Will Get a Sneak Peek at IE for Windows 10
    [October 3, 2014] Microsoft launched a technical preview of Windows 10, and with that comes some updates to Internet Explorer. You can only use the preview at this point if you’re in the WIndows Insider Program, but the company gave developers a glimpse today. It includes the launch of the Internet Explorer Platform Suggestion Box to give feature […]
  • How will Google’s new HTTPS and SSL rules affect WordPress websites
    [September 11, 2014] Google shook the webmaster world with its HTTPS announcement. Guest blogger John Feeney tells us what WordPress site owners should do to take advantage of Google’s announcement. Google is constantly changing its algorithm to reflect what it believes to be the best ranking signals for websites in the search results. The search engine understands how […]
  • Google Says HTTPS Is A Search Engine Ranking Factor
    [August 13, 2014] Due to Google’s recent official announcement that an https site is a search engine ranking factor, I’ve decided to move my site, BillHartzer.com, to https from http. Currently, I do not accept any sort of payment for the content that I write here on my site, so that’s not the reason I’m moving the site […]
  • ‘Answers’ Comes To Twitter’s Crashlytics
    [July 22, 2014] Twitter’s Crashlytics announced a new project called Answers by Crashlytics, described as “mobile analytics you don’t need to analyze”.
  • Take a Closer Look at Google’s Android Wear
    [June 24, 2014] Earlier this year, Google unveiled Android Wear, its new smartwatch platform. They have a developer preview available, and a new video introduction to that developers may be interested in checking out.
  • Apple Releases iOS 8 SDK With Over 4,000 New APIs
    [June 6, 2014] Apple today released its iOS 8 SDK, the biggest developer release ever with more than 4,000 new APIs, giving developers the ability to create amazing new apps like never before. iOS 8 allows developers to further customize the user experience with major extensibility features like Notification Center widgets and third-party keyboards; and introduces robust frameworks […]